Optimizing Reporting Efficiencies: UTM Reporting App for Seamless On-Site Reporting and Enhanced Survey Workflow


Illustrating how the UTM Reporting app enables instant reporting and eliminates the need for data rework, optimizing the reporting process directly from the job site.


Marine Surveyors encounter issues related to redundant data entry and time lags in reporting thickness measurements. Optimizing this procedure right at the job site is imperative to enhance efficiency and minimize potential errors.

Solution: UTM Reporting App

The UTM Reporting app provides a powerful solution to streamline the reporting process, allowing surveyors to generate final reports instantly from the job site without requiring any rework.


1. Effortless Data Collection On-Site:

• Surveyors utilize the UTM Reporting app directly on the jobsite to locate and document thickness measurements and defects on the vessel's blueprint.

2. Real-Time Data Processing:

• The app processes the collected data in real-time, ensuring accuracy and consistency. As surveyors log thickness measurements, the app intelligently highlights diminutions instantly, aiding in quick identification and assessment of potential structural issues. The app further validates the data, checks for completeness, and identifies any additional discrepancies or errors, providing a reliable foundation for the ensuing reporting process.

3. Automatic Report Generation:

• Using the processed data, the UTM Reporting app automatically generates the intermediate or the final report in the desired format from anywhere.

- Full Report:
This format encompasses a comprehensive summary of measurements, providing a detailed overview of the survey. It includes measurement summaries, tabulated data, annotated blueprints, images of detected defects, and any additional notes from the surveyors. The full report offers a holistic view of the vessel's condition and survey findings.

- Plan Report:
The plan report is designed for efficient progress tracking. It primarily focuses on blueprints annotated with measurements, enabling surveyors and stakeholders to visually track the survey's advancement. This format is particularly useful for monitoring and ensuring that all necessary areas have been adequately surveyed.

- Raw Data Report:
In the raw data report, the app provides a detailed record of the survey in its rawest form. It comprises unaltered, structured data in CSV files. These files contain the complete dataset of thickness measurements, their respective locations, associated notes, and defect information. The raw data report is invaluable for in-depth analysis, compliance auditing, and further processing as needed.

4. Instant Report Sharing:

• Marine Surveyors can instantly share the generated report with stakeholders, Class Inspectors, clients, or team members directly from the app. The report is sent in a PDF or in a Zip format that is easily accessible and viewable on various devices.


Immediate Reporting:

• By generating the final report instantly on-site, Marine surveyors eliminate the need for additional data processing or rework back at the office. This ensures prompt delivery of accurate reports to stakeholders.

Precision Enhancement: Real-Time Data Processing for Error Reduction

• The UTM Reporting app's real-time data processing and validation significantly reduce the likelihood of errors or omissions, enhancing the overall quality and reliability of the final report. Surveyors can thoroughly survey areas with significant diminutions in real time, ensuring accurate data collection and minimizing potential discrepancies.

Efficient Workflow:

• The app's ability to seamlessly process data and generate instant reports streamlines the workflow, allowing surveyors to focus more on the survey itself rather than spending extra time on administrative tasks.

The UTM Reporting app empowers surveyors by enabling them to process data in real-time on-site, eliminating the need for rework, and generating instant, accurate reports. This not only saves time but enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire reporting process.