Fleet condition inspection and gauging software for asset managers and superintendents

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Upgrade Data Collection with instant Reporting for Effective Fleet Maintenance Decision

UTM Reporting: The simplest and most effective tool for completing your ultrasonic inspections

UTM Reporting: The simplest and most effective tool for completing your ultrasonic inspections

Fill the project information & upload blueprints

Split the inspection into hull items to be inspected

Locate thickness measurements on vessel blueprints

Generate a gauging report within seconds

Efficient data collection

Streamline thickness data collection and easily keep track of corrosion and defects

  • Standardize your survey tool to simplify collection and storage of vessel condition data

  • Locate easily the corrosion with digital thickness measurement markers

  • Capture and locate accurately defects on vessel plans with a note and a picture

  • Appraise faster your fleet overall condition

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Instant Reporting

Optimizing survey reporting process for Efficient Vessel Condition Tracking

  • Streamline your reporting process by standardizing your reporting tools, and avoid wasting time compiling and structuring condition survey data with multiple softwares. We do it in seconds!

  • Quickly and easily analyze and assess your vessel's condition, enabling you to take action as needed

  • Keep track of the location and severity of any issues to prioritize repairs or maintenance effectively

  • Foster collaboration among maintenance and authority stakeholders for more efficient communication and resolution of issues

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The Benefits of UTM Reporting for Fleet Asset manager & superintendent

Maximizing Fleet Maintenance Efficiency

  • Optimize maintenance schedules and reduce costs by making informed decisions based on data insights

  • Streamline coordination with all stakeholders and improve maintenance lead times, resulting in better asset utilization

  • Ensure compliance with regulations and improve safety while reducing costs

  • Easily monitor the condition and integrity of the fleet and track its development across surveys, allowing for timely interventions and preventative maintenance

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