1. Download UTM reporting either on Google Play or App Store
2. Open the application downloaded and click on Sign up
3. Fill out all information required and validate the form
4. An email will be sent to you, click on the link received to confirm your account
5. Log in and enjoy all features

1. We allow 2 devices per user.
For a better experience, we recommend you to try the UTM Reporting app on tablet and mobile.
2. We don't allow our users to share their account: 1 user = 1 account

1. You own your work, all data added into your account are kept confidential & you are the only beneficiary
2. All reports issued with your account belong to you

1. Delete your account: Go to the section "Account details", click on "Edit", then click on "Delete account" and confirm the deletion
2. For safety reasons, our system will send you an email to confirm whether you intend to delete your account. If we don't receive a response from you within 30 Days, your account and its associated data will be deleted.


1. The “CADET” account is a free trial account, No credit card is required. You can discover main app features and generate a total of 5 reports. However, this account type is not suitable for commercial use. On all report pages, it will have the UTM Reporting brand and you will not be able to download the report on your device.

2. The “CADET Plus” account allows you to issue 5 reports per month if you choose to be billed monthly or 60 reports for one year if you choose to be billed annually. All reports issued with this account type are suitable for commercial use and can be generated in multiple formats: Full report.pdf, Plan report.pdf and Raw data report.csv.

3. The “OFFICER” account allows you to issue 30 reports per month if you choose to be billed monthly or 360 reports for one year if you choose to be billed annually. All reports issued with this account type are suitable for commercial use and can be generated in multiple formats: Full report.pdf, Plan report.pdf and Raw data report.csv.

4. The “ENGINEER” account allows you to issue unlimited reports which are suitable for commercial use and can be generated in multiple formats: Full report.pdf & Plan report.pdf & Raw data report.csv. You can also work on your projects while OFFLINE which allow you to work in every work conditions.

5. The “CAPTAIN” account grants you access to the same features than the “ENGINEER” account (unlimited reports & offline mode) for 5 single accounts. All the 5 licenses will be billed under a unique account.

*** Each time a report is generated, your total credits will decrease by one unit (if applicable).

1. You can cancel your subscription at any time and still have access to all your projects. We'll stop charging you after the end of your billing cycle.
2. Once you upgrade your subscription, your access to the features will be granted immediately.

Yes! Invoices and Receipts can be found in the billing section of your account where it can be downloaded.

We do accept credit cards via the payment infrastructure Stripe.

App settings

Usually your counterpart will request a report which includes your certification information to comply with the regulation under which they are subject. Also it is the only way to add your qualification in a project.

The header, the footer and the information section of each report generated will display your company information (name, address, email, telephone and your logo)

You can adapt your report template depending on the survey type and your company color identity. For example, for an annual survey, a pre-purchase/sale survey or a transfer of class; the report title, report terms of use have to be different.
That is why, we offer you the possibility to adapt your report templates with your business' needs.

Your final report should usually contain a description of your NDT equipment used for the survey. That is why we suggest you add your inspection equipment in the setting section to generate your final report straight away after your inspection. This is also the only way to add your NDT equipment in a project.


1. If you have downloaded your project on your device before going offline, you will be able to keep working.
2. If you have not downloaded this project on your device, the application will not allow you to modify the project.

You can download up to 3 projects on your device. If you have already downloaded 3 projects and you want to download a new one, you have to remove an old project from being available offline.

This app version does not include a collaborative feature. We expect to add this functionality in the near future. If you need more information about this feature contact our support team.

If you have accidentally deleted a project, please contact us immediately via email. We will be able to restore your project within 20 days from the project deletion.

Hull items

Hull items are used to identify and locate which vessel part has been measured or inspected. By structuring your UTM inspection with all vessels' components measured, you will be able to easily generate an intelligible report.

As advanced option, you can link sub items to a main component and set a specific diminution range by item.

**Each measurement added on plan has to be linked to a hull item.

Advance location items are used to better locate thickness measurements while reading report tables.

Linking measurements to advanced location items such as:

- a pair of general location (Aft/Forward, Top/Bottom, ...)
- a transverse location (1st fwd, amidship, 1st aft, transerve frames, ...)
- a longitudinal location (Strakes inboard, below sheer strakes, center strake, keel strake, longitudinal frames, ...)
- a room/space (Aftpeak, Forepeak, Engine room, ballast tank, ...)

It will allow you to better structure your reports and you will be able to create additional tables where all measurements of a same location item are gathered. You can also create comparisons between 2 location items of a same category (transverse, longitudinal, room/space) in your report.

For a convenient app use, we suggest our users to save hull items often measured or inspected during their hull surveys. You can add those hull components in the setting section. This will save a lot of time for each project preparation.

The position of each hull item in your project will set the display data order for the final report.
For example, if you want to display all measurements of deck platings first in your final report, you have to drag and drop this hull item and bring it to the first position in your project.

If you have already added UTM measurements into the plan and you delete the hull item linked to those markers, their circle color will be black. Those markers will need to be re-linked to a hull item in order to be displayed in a report.


You can import plans into the app by selecting files saved on your device.

This feature is in development. We expect to release it soon. The objective of this new feature to be implemented is to be able to import a pdf file which contains more than one page. For example, if you import a file with 10 pages, the application will separate those pages into 10 files.

1. You can import image files (png, jpg). We expect in a new future to be able to import PDF files.
2. Regarding the dimension of the file, there is no restriction. But the size is restricted to 10 Mb max per file.

We advise you to print out the plan in A4 format, before you import and start to add information. It will give you an idea of the final rendering. If the plan size is too big, all information added in the app will not be readable once the final report will be printed. If the plan is too small, the quality will be poor once it's printed

The optimum size should follow the ratio 2:1. For example: Width: 1500px; Height: 750px.

In a final report, each plan and their name are visible. That is why it is important to properly rename each plan.
Also, it is important to arrange the positioning of each plan for the final report. Like for hull items, you have to drag and drop the plans to the right position so that your plans are displayed correctly in the final report.

UTM markers

UTM markers are designed to display all thickness measurements from your survey on the plans. These markers will include the added measurement, the color of the selected hull item, and the marker's background color will change if your measurement exceeds the established diminution range.

To add a marker to the plan, simply tap the screen where you want to place the marker. A pop-up will appear allowing you to input information about the marker. Certain information is required.

First, select a hull item and choose a side, either port or starboard, then input the measurement. You can also input the origin of the measured plate's thickness (recommended but not mandatory; if not provided, the application won't be able to calculate the diminution of this measurement).

Additionally, you can select a sub hull item, a general location item, a transverse location item, a longitudinal location item, and a room/space to precisely define the marker's location. To access these options, you'll need to add these items in the 'Advanced location' tab.

You also have the option to add a note, select an existing picture, or take a new photo to mark the corrosion. Once you've confirmed all the marker's information by clicking 'Apply,' the marker will be added to the plan. If you're adding another marker, the application will automatically carry over the previous information, making it quicker to add measurements to the plans.

***You can append a repaired measurement to an existing marker. Once added, the marker's background color will turn green, and the repaired value will be displayed.

1. To edit and to delete a marker, you click on the marker in order to open the popup with all related information. You can apply changes or delete the marker from this popup.
2. To change the position of a marker you have to press it for approximately 1 second and then you can change its position on the plan.

Yes, you can get an overview of your data: open a plan, click on the icon located in the header to display the ribbon. Via this ribbon, you can see how your markers are structured into the blueprint (by sides, by hull items, by sub hull items).

In the plans tab of your project, click on the settings icon to display the "inspection settings" popup. Here you can change the marker size and diminutions ranges for your UTM inspection.

If you want to setup a special diminution range for such or such hull item or sub hull item, then just edit the Hull item or the sub Hull item and add a substantial and an excessive diminution threshold.


1. You have to be online to generate a report.

2. Once you have added your project information, added markers on the plans, you can generate a report in the report section of your project.

3. Click on the "+" button and the "New report" pop-up will be displayed, then select a report format (full report.pdf, plan report.pdf or raw data report.csv), and click on "Next" button.
If you have selected a "raw data report.csv" format, then the report will be generated, otherwise another pop-up will be displayed.

4. Select data you want to displayed in the PDF reports. You have the choice to display every thickness measurements (linked to every hull items), or you can display few hull items or none, then measurements linked will be displayed accordingly. Then, click on "Next" button.

5. If "full report.pdf" format has been selected, you will be able to add other tables which sort markers' data differently in your report. You can display markers' data by advanced locations (Transverse Location, Longitudinal Location, Room/Space) and you can create comparison tables. Click on "Next" button to complete the process.

6. Select a report template (previously set up), add the issue date of your report, then you just have to click on "Generate a New Report", and your report will be available in the app to be shared with your counterparts

Once you have generated a report from the app, you have to save it to your device and then from your device you will be able to share your report via another application.

You can create a report template from the setting section to fit with your business needs. If you need to personalize your reports differently, please contact us via email.

1. Change the application language in your profile
2. From your project, Issue a new report. It will be translated to the language selected. However, project information, hull items, plans names and notes of markers have to be translated by yourself directly in the project.

*** If you want to translate the report and the app in another language please contact us via email.

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