Ship inspection and thickness measurement software for Qa/Qc shipyard managers

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Boost Your Bottom Line: Streamline Operations with Accurate Data collection and Instant Reporting

UTM Reporting: The most efficient tool for completing the Ultrasonic gauging survey at the shipyard

UTM Reporting: The most efficient tool for completing the Ultrasonic gauging survey at the shipyard

Fill the project information & upload blueprints

Split the inspection into hull items to be inspected

Locate thickness measurements on vessel blueprints

Generate a gauging report within seconds

Efficient data collection

Effortlessly Inspect Ship Condition And locate Structural Items To Repair

  • Simplify the ship inspection process and gain in efficiency

  • Normalize QA/QC survey tools to improve the data collection of ultrasonic thickness measurements and the identification of defects

  • Easily assess the ship's condition and identify any issues

  • List and locate repairs with accuracy, based on the collected data

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Instant Reporting

Create Inspection Reports instantly To Quickly Identify Areas To Repair

  • Generate reports in seconds and stop trying to understand scribbles on paper or struggling to fill Excel sheets

  • Assess and list accurately areas and structural elements that require repair

  • Use the precise and up-to-date report to analyze and make decisions with ease

  • Coordinate effortlessly with the client, governing authorities, and other stakeholders

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The Benefits of UTM Reporting for QA/QC Shipyard manager

Maximizing Efficiency and Quality in Shipyard Operations

  • Improve vessel repair quality and efficiency by enhancing team communication, assessing repairs more effectively, and allocating resources efficiently

  • Boost stakeholder efficiency, maximizing profits while minimizing costs for clients

  • Reduce ship immobilization time and optimize slipway space, leading to increased returns

  • Simplify the transition from repairs to operations and provide evidence of completed work

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