Hull Ultrasonic gauging and NDE software for NDT and class inspectors

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Efficient Class and NDT Inspection with Accurate Data and Instant Reports

UTM Reporting: The most straightforward tool to complete your Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement survey

UTM Reporting: The most straightforward tool to complete your Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement survey

Fill the project information & upload blueprints

Split the inspection into hull items to be inspected

Locate thickness measurements on vessel blueprints

Generate a gauging report within seconds

Efficient data collection

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your gauging data collection

  • Streamline gauging and inspection data collection in a single place

  • Increase the speed to record data such as thickness measurements, notes and pictures of defects areas

  • Document your obeservations and their corresponding locations into a single digital marker

  • Get real-time insight of the inspection progress

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Instant Reporting

Effortlessly generate inspection reports in seconds and boost your productivity

  • Simplify daily and final reporting without headaches

  • Avoid/Reduce rework with accurate and up-to-date digital marker information compiled in a standart format

  • Export your data from the digital thickness markers into a CSV or customizable PDF report within seconds

  • Improve your inspection reporting speed and effectiveness with streamlined processes, accurate data, and easy analysis for identifying and reporting issues to clients or authorities

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The Benefits of UTM Reporting for Classification and NDT Inspectors

Streamlining Inspection Processes and Boosting Business Performance

  • Maximize billable hours by spending less time in the office and more time conducting onsite surveys, leading to increased revenue potential

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the market by offering clients faster, more efficient services, resulting in increased market share

  • Foster stronger relationships with authorities and clients by providing up-to-date, hassle-free daily reporting that demonstrates a commitment to quality and transparency

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by improving communication, avoiding report delivery delays, and staying on top of upcoming survey due dates

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