Ensuring Class Compliance and Streamlining Thickness Gauging Reporting with UTM Reporting App


To demonstrate how the UTM Reporting app seamlessly aligns with Classification Society requirements, facilitating compliance while streamlining the thickness measurement reporting process.


Marine surveyors tasked with conducting ultrasonic thickness measurements on vessels regulated by Classification Societies/IACS face a significant challenge in efficiently collating and reporting this critical data while complying with the specific reporting formats of each Classification Society.

Solution: UTM Reporting App

The UTM Reporting app provides a powerful solution, streamlining the thickness measurement reporting process while ensuring compliance with the diverse Class Report Frameworks.


1. Effortless Data Collection On-Site:

• Surveyors utilize the UTM Reporting app directly on the jobsite to locate and document thickness measurements and defects on the vessel's blueprint.

2. Seamless Data Extraction:

• After the on-site survey, surveyors export the collected data from the app in the form of a comprehensive raw data report. This report, designed to ensure data integrity and ease of utilization, consists of the following:

a. CSV Files:

- The raw data report incorporates two CSV files. These CSV files contain a detailed record of all thickness measurements taken during the survey. Each entry includes measurement values, thickness origin, diminutions (in % and in mm), corresponding locations, and any associated notes or annotations made by the surveyor.

b. Vessel Blueprints:

- The raw data report also encompasses the vessel's blueprints, accurately annotated with the recorded thickness measurements.

3. Integration with Class Report Framework:

• Surveyors upload the vessel blueprints containing thickness measurements directly into the Class Report Framework specified by the respective Classification Society. This eliminates the need to repeat the process of locating measurements using other drawing software.

4. Efficient and Accurate Data Entry:

• Within the Class Report Framework, surveyors efficiently filter, copy, and paste the thickness measurement data from the CSV file generated by the app into the appropriate TM forms. This ensures data accuracy and alignment with the specific reporting requirements.


Time Efficiency:

• By streamlining the entire process, the UTM Reporting app significantly reduces the time spent on reporting. Surveyors no longer need to manually input data or repeat tasks, saving valuable time for other critical activities.

Compliance Assurance:

• The app ensures seamless compliance with the unique reporting formats of each Classification Society, mitigating errors and discrepancies in reporting.

Enhanced Accuracy:

• By directly marking measurements on the vessel's blueprint using the app, surveyors ensure precise data collection, resulting in accurate and reliable reports.

The UTM Reporting app empowers marine surveyors to adhere to Class Requirements seamlessly, providing a structured workflow that ensures compliance while saving time and enhancing accuracy in reporting thickness measurements on vessels regulated by Classification Societies/IACS.